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Blake Family

Tim & Samenthur Blake

Tim and Samenthur (Sam) Blake have served in the ministry in Hartford, CT since August, 2007. The Blakes were married in 2001 in Los Angeles, California, where they served in the ministry together starting in 2000. Together, they led a ministry in the South Central Region of the Los Angeles Church of Christ. After congregational transitions they pursued secular careers (Sam as a teacher, Tim as a mortgage broker and personal trainer), while continuing to serve in the singles and young married ministries in Los Angeles and Orlando. While working with the young marrieds and singles in the Southwest region of the Orlando church, the Blakes were called back into the full time ministry.

Both Tim and Sam were baptized in campus ministries (Tim in San Diego in 1989, Sam in New Hampshire in 1997). Tim left a career in business management with Enterprise in 1999 to serve as a singles ministry leader in South Central, Los Angeles. Sam left graduate school in 1998 to serve Hope Worldwide in Boston, as well as the campus ministry.

After leading Hartford's campus, singles, and young marrieds ministries for some time, The Blakes now serve as evangelist and women’s ministry leader for the North Region, since its formation in September 2011. Their most important responsibility remains their two sons, Tyler (9 yrs) and Tristan (6 yrs). Click here to contact Tim & Samenthur.

Matt Webber

Matt & Veronique Webber

Matt and Veronique Webber met at and graduated from the University of Georgia in 2008 and 2009 respectively and married in 2010. Matt became a minister in 2010 (Savannah, GA) and served as campus minister and later church leader in 2012. Veronique received her Masters in Speech and Communication Disorders in 2014 and currently works as a speech and language pathologist in the Greater Hartford area. The Webbers moved to Connecticut in 2014 to lead the Storrs region of the Greater Hartford Church of Christ and minister to the college students across the Greater Hartford Church of Christ. The Webbers enjoy working with college students and teaching them to follow Jesus. The Webbers also enjoy sports, gardening, travel and socializing with people. Click here to contact Matt & Veronique.

Chavon Campbell

Chavon Campbell

Chavon Campbell was Baptized in 2009 as a part of the Teen Ministry in the Greater Hartford Church of Christ. After attending college in Pennsylvania for 2 years, Chavon returned to Connecticut to attain his Bachelors at the University of Hartford as well as to help the campus ministry. Since then, he has helped serve as a campus leader and recently a leader in the singles professional ministry. In 2017, Chavon graduated from the University of Hartford attaining his Master’s Degree in Business Administration. Click here to contact Chavon.