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13-Year Old Jessie Makes Jesus "Lord" in Front of Huge Crowd

After studying the Bible for approximately 14 months, 13-year old Jessie Dupont IV gets baptized in front of dozens of witnesses.  


According to his parents, young Jessie has always wanted to get baptized.  Perhaps it was all the devotionals at home that planted the seed, or watching his parents pray and read their Bibles, or maybe it was all the church services he saw where many were baptized, but Jessie has always wanted to make Jesus "Lord" of his life.  

Initially, his studies began with Danny MacDougall at 11 years of age, who helped to inspire him to begin his walk with God.  But since the teen ministry was very small in the Storrs Church of Christ, young Jessie was desiring more and more to be with the Hartford Teen Ministry so he could be connected and closer to stronger teen disciples.   

After much prayer, advice and wrestling with the decision to move back with the Hartford church, the Duponts decided to get reconnected in order to see their son, Jessie, get stronger in his new walk with God.

As a result, Julius Ferrer and some of the teens like Ronzel, Nathan, Joshua, Drew, Dillon and even Malcolm all helped to study the Bible with Jessie.  Jessie's heart for the Bible grew as well as his love for being connected with his brothers.  When it came time to finally baptize him on Saturday, God had a different plan.  Heavy snow began to build and so the baptism had to be pushed back to Monday night, January 23rd.

But that didn't matter because over 50 friends and family (and lots of kids) joined in witnessing Jessie's parents lower him into the waters. Beforehand, several people got the chance to share encouraging words for Jessie, who also had a short speech prepared for this important event.  A huge grin covered Jessie's face from ear to ear after coming up out of the water.  Afterwards, food, drink, and fellowship awaited the crowd downstairs.

When it's all said and done, a 13-year old's decision to follow Christ is both inspiring and convicting --- and sometimes questionable.  But when the heart is consistent in desiring to be close to God (even after a whole year), or a heart that is urgent to get saved through baptism, or even having a willingness to repent, who is to say "no" to such a person?  In the spirit of Acts 22:16, "What are you waiting for?  Get up, be baptized and wash your sins away - calling on his name."  And that is exactly what Jessie did.  You should too!

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